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On-Site Winemaking

Noble Grape now offers On-Site Winemaking in:

Fredericton, Main St. Dartmouth, Oxford St. Halifax, Coldbrook, Kingston, Lower Sackville, Burnside Park, Cole Harbour, and Bayers Lake!

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Noble Grape has been doing On-Site Winemaking in our Fredericton location since we opened it in 2005. We wanted to get it right and be among the first!

At Noble Grape, we have taken the idea of “Urban” Winemaking to a new level.

In addition to the best wines available in the industry today, at Noble Grape you will have access to: On-site, self serve bottle washers; ‘2 at a time’ bottle fillers; NEW Professional automatic corkers (just press the button); Custom labels (put your name on them); and Automatic electric shrink top sealers.

Making wine has never been easier (or more fun!)

Quite simply, for an additional fee, our professional staff will look after your wine for you, filter it, and call you when it is ready to be bottled. All you have to do is add the yeast and come back and bottle it later with our state-of-the-art equipment. What could be easier than that? Don’t have the space or the time to do it at home? This is the service for you. Price for this service is only $49.99 plus the kit and includes corks and a free bottle wash

No risk winemaking! 100% guaranteed.
At Noble Grape, we are so confident that you will love your wine that we offer a 100% wine guarantee. Essentially, we guarantee that you will love your wine or we will replace it!

It's that easy. We’ve been in the winemaking business since 1993 and ‘On-Site’ Winemaking since 2005. We love our wine.

Noble Grape... for the passionate winemaker!

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