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Noble Grape Presents:Easy Street

No appointments. No bottles.

No extra charge. 

Make wine! Save money! Less than ½ the price of the liquor store. It’s so easy!

When you make wine in our stores, you have the option of using our 4 litre EASY STREET wine bags (with taps) instead of buying, maintaining, and lugging bottles. 

Easy Street Bags

These innovative bags are a fast filling alternative and they keep your wine fresh! They are the perfect choice for your everyday wine and are also ideal for gatherings, boaters, cottages, hot tubs, camping, etc. No more bottles or boxes to lug around! 

It gets better! If you choose Easy Street when your wine is ready, you'll fill 6 bags in 5 minutes with no appointments or need to bring anything with you!

The best part? They are FREE! That's right, there is no extra charge on top of the winery fee that you already pay to make your wine here at Noble Grape!

Welcome to the future of wine making. Welcome to Easy Street.

Pro tip: Each bag holds approximately 5 bottles and will stay fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening.

No Bottles? No Problem 

Easy Street Bags In Action!

Easy Street Machine In Action

Making Wine With Easy Street

“I'm blown away. This could be a game changer"
          -Scott Brooks. Winexpert Ontario Sales Rep.

For years we've been thinking about how to make ON-SITE winemaking significantly easier for our customers. We are finally ready to introduce our Easy Street wine bags & Easy Street filling machines. Our new machines fill 6 sturdy wine bags in under 5 minutes with no extra charge for either. It's an EASY, FAST & FREE alternative to bottling your wine. We firmly believe that if we can convince you to try Easy Street just once, you'll be as excited about it as we are.

-Steve and Mark. Noble Grape Owners 

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Easy Street innovative bags prevent oxidation, cork taint and spoilage. 

These eco friendly bags use a fraction of the materials of bottles or bag-in-box. Less packaging means less waste.  Due to the shape and light weight, shipping is far more efficient dramatically reducing CO2 emissions.

Bags can be recycled where facilities exist. Remove spout and tap before recycling.

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