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Do you sell wine bottles? If so, how much do they cost?

Yes, we do! We have clear and green 750ml bottles available for $14.99 per dozen, and can be sold individually for $1.25 per bottle. A whole batch of 30 bottles come to $43.10 taxes in. We also carry bottles in 375ml, 1L, and 1.5L.

How long does it take to make wine?

Our wine kits vary from finishing in 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks. Each kit will specify how long it takes to finish on the box. 

How long should I let my wine sit in the bottles before drinking?

While the wine is drinkable right out of the carboy, we recommend 1-3 months of aging for the wine to really start mellowing out and correcting the balance. Red wines will continue to improve up to a year.

Why is my bentonite clumping?

We have found that slowly sprinkling the bentonite into hot water while stirring works the best. There will be some clumping but the bentonite will do its job either way.

Can I try a sample of a wine before I buy a whole kit?

Unfortunately, we can’t legally give out samples with our licence. We do however, have a 100% Guarantee on all of our wine kits. Give it a try and if you're not happy with it for any reason, we will replace your wine! Find out more by clicking here.

How long will my wine last?

It really depends on how you are storing the wine. If you're storing your wine in bags, it will last up to a year. Regular corks will last up to a year if properly stored before the corks dry out and oxidize the wine. If you are planning on aging for more than 1 year, we recommend using synthetic corks, which will last forever.
*These are general rules of thumb, it ultimately depends on the wine and storage conditions (read below).

Where and how should I store my wine?

Ideally, you want to store your wine at around 6 - 18°C (45 - 65°F) in a dark place, but anywhere out of direct sunlight will do just fine. If using regular corks, store your bottles upright for the first 3-5 days to allow the pressure in the bottle to escape. After 3-5 days lay them on their sides to soak the cork. This allows the cork to expand and seal the bottle, while assuring the cork wont dry out and crumble. Synthetic corks can be stored either on their side or upright, there will be no difference.  

I’m getting married! Can I make my wine for the reception?

Congrats! You will have to contact the venue to make sure they allow consumer made wine. If that is not a problem, we can help you pick out wine most suited for your wedding, and even help you make personalized wedding labels and more! Find out more by clicking here.
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