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It's back! The Harvest Challenge is a fun cider competition showcasing our customer's creativity! You can enter anything you want as long as it was made with our fresh 2019 Bulwark Cider juice.

Keep it simple or add any ingredients you like to make a unique creation. Add some fruit puree? How about a raspberry lime cider? Or a spiced cider? Or a blueberry ginger cider? Try it with some hops or change the yeast to something funky. The sky is the limit.



Everyone who enters the Harvest Cider Competition is invited to the judging and awards party! Last years party was kindly hosted by 2 Doors Down Bar and Bites, where our guests partook a delicious cider and food pairing by Bulwark and 2 Doors Down, tons of snacks, and cider cocktails. It was such a blast! We hope that this year's party is an even bigger success. (2019-20 judging dates/awards party dates and location TBD.)

Bulwark Cider Party 


Contest entries can be dropped off at any Noble Grape location until Monday, February 3, 2020.


First Prize
The winning cider will receive:
• Bulwark toque and 6 pack
• Noble Grape $100 gift card
• Your name will live forever in lights at Burnside Noble Grape on our Bulwark Harvest Challenge winner’s plaque.
• Bulwark may release a small batch of your winning entry! (You'll get a 6 pack and street cred!)

Second Prize
• Bulwark toque and 2 Original and 2 Winter Ciders
• Noble Grape $50 gift card

Third Place
• Bulwark toque and 2 Original Ciders
• Noble Grape $25 gift card



Noble Grape and Bulwark are happy to accept your entry(s) at no cost! You will get everything you need to enter when you pick up your cider.

Each participant is welcome to enter up to three different ciders.


First time entering a brewing competition? 
No worries! It’s fun and easy. Just make sure you fill out the entry tags completely and include all special ingredients. 

You are only required to list any ingredients that were added or changed from the original kit, but feel free to include any additional information about your recipe or process.

Bottle Acceptance Guidelines

Please submit 3 BOTTLES PER ENTRY.

Bottles must have no identifying marks or information. Bottle ID tags are included with your cider package. They must be attached to each bottle by elastic band or tape. This is to ensure there is no chance of judging bias.

12 oz (~355 mL) brown bottles are preferred; however if necessary, we will also accept plastic and green or clear glass bottles up to 22 oz in size and corked bottles. Bottles will not be returned at the completion of the competition.



Note: This is not an officially sanctioned BJCP event, however you will still receive formal feedback in the BJCP format from 2-3 judges, at least 1 of which will be a certified judge. You should get some helpful pointers and suggestions from these forms.
Bulwark retains the sole rights to produce, reproduce, change, and name any entry without royalty, compensation, or limitation.
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