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Bulwark Cider Pre-Order $10 Deposit - Noble Grape

Bulwark Cider Pre-Order $10 Deposit

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Pre-order by selecting the quantity and store pick-up location above, click add to cart and enter your payment information. 

OR Call or stop by your local Noble GrapeBalance due at pick-up.

Order Deadline: Monday, November 5, 2018

Bulwark Fresh Pressed Cider | Makes 23 L | $75.00


Once again we are partnering with Bulwark Cider to bring in pails of fresh pressed, Nova Scotia apple juice for you to make sparkling hard apple cider!

This special blend from Bulwark has been designed by their award-winning cider maker, Nancy Klokocka. If you follow the included instructions you will produce a balanced, delicious, traditional sparkling cider. This can be made at home or on-site (for an additional fee of $39.99).

All necessary ingredients plus recommended instructions will be included. There is a $10 deposit required to pre-order. You can pay online now, call, or drop into your local Noble Grape.

  • Prefer to get creative with your cider? Enter some of your cider into our 2nd annual Cider Competition!
  • Expect Cider to arrive around November 20 or 21. We will call you as soon as they come in. 
  • If making on-site you will still need to come in to add the yeast.
  • Please note: You will need to come in within 24 hours after arrival or it will start to ferment on its own.
  • Bottles: Sparkling Cider requires pressure safe bottles such as beer bottles or pop bottles. Wine bottles will not hold the pressure. Noble Grape carries several bottle options if you need them.




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