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Yeast - White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale Next Generation

Yeast - White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale Next Generation

  • 1699

Now with more yeast, get a foolproof fermentation without a starter. Following a commercially recommended pitching rate allowing you to pitch like the pros!

This yeast is from one of the oldest stout-producing breweries in the world. It’s great for many beer styles but really shines in malty British styles such as stouts, porters and brown ales. Medium attenuation helps with a dry finish that promotes roasty notes. Esters help round out the overall flavour making a soft drinkable stout.

ATTENUATION  69% - 74%
FLOCCULATION  Medium to High
FERMENTATION TEMP. 18-20°C (65-68°F)
STA1 Negative
SUGGESTED STYLES Blonde Ale • Brown Ale • Cider • Dry Mead • English Bitter • English IPA • Porter • Red Ale • Scotch Ale • Stout • Sweet Mead
All liquid yeasts are shipped with a 3oz ice pack.

We strongly recommend adding a  Thermal Shipping Package to keep your yeast cool longer. Each package can hold up to 5 liquid yeasts.

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