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Winexpert Classic - Passion Rose Wine Kit

Winexpert Classic - Passion Rose Wine Kit

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New & Improved WinexpertFresher, more vibrant, and above all–better tasting wines!

For the our 30th anniversary we designed an 'off-dry' and crisp light-bodied rosé. It has beautiful light pink hues and an easy, refreshing taste that is (drier than White Zinfandel or Pink Moscato.)

Expect hints of strawberries and raspberries with just a subtle splash of sweetness. This will balance the acidity but still allow for a refreshing, crisp finish. It is quick to mature for you to enjoy right away, and will also keep well until next summer. This rosé is particularly enjoyable chilled on a hot summer afternoon.

Type: Rosé | Sweetness: 1 (off-dry) | Body: Light | Oak: None | 12% alc/vol

Includes labels & shrink caps | Makes 30 bottles

Food Pairings:  Rosé goes with just about everything! Ideal for spicy Asian dishes, lighter fare such as salads or shellfish, and perfect all on its own.


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