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Vanilla Bourbon Deposit

Vanilla Bourbon Deposit

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$5 deposit is required to reserveBUT you will receive $5 off your kit! Available early September.  Just in time for Christmas! IN STORE PICKUP ONLY.

Price: $99.99 each ($94.99 due at pick up).

Yield: 11.5 L (15 X 750ml Bottles) 2 kits make a regular full-sized batch | Completed: 6 weeks 

Vanilla Bourbon Port: This delicious after dinner treat is elevated with warm vanilla, oak and smooth sweet bourbon aromas and flavour. Rich and rewarding. 

Delicious when young but will age gorgeously. (Good luck trying to keep it that long!)

Body: Full | Oak: Light | 17.5% alc/vol | Includes labels | Makes 11.5 L 



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