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Series X Plus Kegerator Only

Series X Plus Kegerator Only

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The worlds most compact turnkey solution for an 8 x Keg kegerator. This model is great value, fits 8 x corny kegs or 2 x 50L kegs. Suitable for two tap towers and is energy efficient & quiet to run.

Series X Plus by KegLand

This has been a kegerator model that was designed at the request of our many members of the KegLand Home Brew Community Group. Thanks for all your input. We have listened, taken on your advice, and developed the all new Series X model that is bigger, better and totally awesome.

This Base Unit includes:

Series X Plus Main Body

1 x KL07429 MK4 KegLand Regulator with KL06880 8mm duotight fitting x FFL fitting
2 x KL00192 Black Plastic Wrap Around Drip Trays
1 x KL22774 Castor Wheels (3 Locking and 3 Free Spinning)
1 x KL00215 CO2 Cylinder Holder (designed to suit 2.6kg gas cylinder)
1 x KL26840 Chrome Plated Guard Rail

Please note it does not come with a wire shelf*

If you are looking for added security. You can fit a KL23597 Lockable Latch Clamp to your Series X Plus.

Historically many homebrewers who wanted to store 8 cornelius kegs or two 50L commercial kegs in one fridge only had two options. 
1. Build a keezer themselves or 2. purchase a much more expensive Grand Deluxe 3 model fridge. 
The keezers will only look as good as you want to make them, costing you more money and time. They also can cause injury or strain lifting heavy kegs up and into the chest freezer. Having to clear everything off the top of the keezer to get inside the fridge cavity is a hassle. You would also have to install some means of air circulation.

The Grand Deluxe range was quite expensive and out of the price range of many customers. Being a commercial grade unit designed with large radiator/condenser fans it does make them considerably louder than a standard household fridge. The big lumbering heavy units need to be set up into their environment by professional installers who set the parameters of the unit as it could also be used for wide range of reasons other than beer, like food.

The Series X Plus is a stress-free, push-in and play Kegerator much like its smaller brother the Series X. If you're looking for simplicity and elegance of a Kegerator that you can expand into, this is the Kegerator for you.

The Series X Plux has been designed with these major objectives in mind:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Quiet operation
  3. Ergonomic design
  4. Maximum keg storage in compact footprint

Series X Plus Dimensions:
- 900mm Wide
- 708mm Deep
- 840mm (Excluding castor wheels and guard rail)
To download the X-plus dimension drawings click here.

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