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Winexpert Reserve 6-Week Australian Grenache Rose Wine Kit

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New & Improved WineXpertFresher, more vibrant, and above all–better tasting wines!

Rose wine has begun to come into its own in recent years and has become a serious style unto itself. A sunnier take on your favourite red-wine grapes and aren’t just for novice wine drinkers.

Salmon colour with strawberry and raspberry flavours. A crisp acidity leads to a refreshing finish.

Food Pairing: Pink goes with almost everything! This wine has a hint of sweetness making it the perfect partner for spicier fare. It’s also a great match for seafood, chicken, and pork. 

Type: Rosé | Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak: None | ABV: 12%

Winexpert Reserve premium 6-week wine kits offer more body, flavour and aroma than 4-week wines. Rich and complex outstanding wines.

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