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RAPT Pill Wireless Hydrometer & Thermometer (Wifi & Bluetooth)

  • 7999

The airtight and easy-to sanitize RAPT Pill floats in your fermenter allowing real-time monitoring of Specific Gravity and Temperature. Easy to charge with a USB port, the RAPT Pill can be monitored from anywhere via wifi/bluetooth integration.

Using Kegland's impressive RAPT mobile app or RAPT IOT (for desktop), the RAPT Pill boasts many advantages over other wireless hydrometers and thermometers including tough and sanitary design and less susceptible to error as a result of hops, krausen or CO2 bubbles generated from fermentation.


Price: the RAPT Pill is less than half the price of similar products.  

Wifi: Has both wifi and bluetooth integration so you can check in from anywhere.

Chargeable: Simple and easy charging port (USB-C) so batteries don't need replacing.

Colour Coding: The first RAPT Pills come with yellow housing, however you will soon be able to purchase red, blue, and green housing separately.

Things to note: Ensure the RAPT Pill is charged for 24 hours before use to ensure that it is fully charged and the battery is calibrated.

Once the RAPT Pill is connected via USB-C and connected to wifi, the firmware will automatically update to the current version (if needed). The Pill must be plugged in via USB-C and connected to wifi in order to receive firmware updates.

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