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Oakie Dokie  - Classic 80g

Oakie Dokie - Classic 80g

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Oakie Dokie Classic was created to make your own red wines taste more like your liquor store favourites.

After years of development, this carefully researched blend of French and American large oak chips includes 3 different toasting levels: light, medium, and dark.

It will add oak barrel aged complexity to all red wines and actually soften and improve the overall aroma, flavour profile and the finish.

You and your friends will notice the difference that Oakie Dokie makes.

Love Chardonnay? Oakie Dokie makes those taste better too!

Simply add Oakie Dokie Classic (plus kit supplied oak) at the start of primary fermentation.

If you are making your wine ON-SITE, just ask our staff to include it in your next batch.

Want even more intensity? We also offer Oakie Dokie Bold.

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