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Mammoth Brewing Conical Fermenter 60L

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Finally, an affordable "large batch" stainless steel conical fermenter! It's “Mammoth” size allows you to Brew Big! This 60L Conical offers has a centre tap valve at the bottom of the conical allowing for easy trub removal and yeast harvesting. It also includes a separate tap for kegging/bottling your beer. The fermenter includes a dial thermometer, a thermowell, as well as an airlock and bung. Sturdy handles make moving and cleaning your fermenter a breeze. It has embossed graduation markings for easy top-ups. Fits in a standard chest freezer or fridge for easy temperature control. If you have a glycol chiller, you can add a glycol immersion coil and a drilled lid. (Sold separately).

You can also make smaller batches (ex. 20 L) in a larger fermenter as long as it's sealed. This is the perfect fermenter for all your batch sizes! 

-304 Stainless Steel
-3/8” ball valve for transfers and sampling
-1/2” ball valve for trub removal and yeast collection
-Thermowell and Dial Thermometer included
-Airlock and Bung included
-Wide lid with secure spring clamps
-Graduated for easy measurements

Height: 26 ½ “ without airlock. 31” with airlock attached.
Width: 19” including handles, 15 ¾”excluding the handles.

While it is not specifically designed for pressure fermenting, it can handle a low level of pressure (under 5 PSI) for use in pressure transfers. For easy pressure fermenting up to 19 L, try Mammoth's 24.5L Ball Lock Kegs by adding a spunding valve

Includes a 1 year warranty.

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