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Best Case Kings Royal Red Bitter All Grain - Noble Grape

Best Case Kings Royal Red Bitter All Grain

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Designed for use with the Grainfather and traditional all-grain brewing systems.

Best Case All-Grain kits are tried and true recipes developed over many years.

 Our Red Bitter contains traditional British Maris Otter malt and specialty malts (crushed), UK hops, and yeast - Ready to mash in and make delicious beer ever time! Temperature and time guidelines are also included.

This is a typical easy drinking English Bitter. It is a great ‘session’ beer similar to those served on ‘hand pump’ in British pubs. It derives its reddish colour from a small amount of roast barley. It has a balanced yet pronounced hop bitterness, and a fresh hop aroma.

O.G. 1.043-48 | F.G. 1.010-14 | ABV 4.3% | IBUs 25

(OG Based On 75% Brewhouse Efficiency)

Makes 23 Litres!

*Estimated alcohol contents for Best Case beer assume you are adding the priming sugar at bottling (which contributes approximately 0.3% alc./vol.)