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Festa Brew Blonde Lager - Noble Grape

Festa Brew New England IPA

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Available in store only


This extremely juicy IPA is bursting at the seams with tropical and citrus hop flavour. This beer has less perceived bitterness than traditional IPAs, but has a huge amount of late hop additions which lends the ‘juicy’ character for which this style is known.

Low bitterness but intense hop flavour and aroma. That's what this beer is all about.

This beer is made with 2-Row, flaked oats, dextrapils and wheat malt with Summit and Centennial Hops leading the charge.

You can even add a touch of freshness and complexity to this beer by throwing an extra oz. of Citra hops (or similar American variety) in the primary fermenter. (Ask for details)

O.G. 1.057 | T.G. 1.010  | 6.2% alc/vol | IBUs 40 | Colour 7 SRM 

Available in-store only. Can be made on-site for an additional fee.


Festa Brew premium, all grain wort is your best choice for making commercial quality craft beer at home or on-site. Get professional results every time with no fuss.

Festa Brew contains no adjuncts, stabilizers, or extracts -- just pure, natural wort from Magnotta Brewery ready to handcraft into great beer you'll be proud to call your own.

If you're looking to indulge your creative side, Festa Brew invites you to combine wort varieties, use different yeasts, add dry hops, and introduce special ingredients. Make your own true craft beer without compromise.

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