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Specialty Wine Signup

Specialty Wine Signup

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PLEASE NOTE: A $10 reservation fee is required to reserve, BUT you will receive $10 off EVERY SPECIALTY KIT YOU PURCHASE! (You only need to purchase one sign up fee regardless of how many wines you are purchasing.) There will be no extras.

Available early September.  Just in time for Christmas! IN STORE PICKUP ONLY.

Price: $99.99 each ($89.99 due at pick up).

Yield: 11.5 L (15 X 750ml Bottles) 2 kits make a regular full-sized batch | Completed: 6 weeks 

Traditional Dessert Wine: Made in the style of traditional Ruby Port which is rich and warm due to its higher strength. This bold and distinctive wine finishes with hints of cherry and plum, balanced with subtle oak. An amazing after dinner treat, and a wonderful sipper any time! This kit will only be available as a limited release. 
Colour: Red  | Sweetness: Sweet | Body: Full | Oak: Medium | ABV: 17.5%

Raspberry Chocolate Dessert Wine: Hugely popular year after year, this wine is full of intense flavours and aromas fresh raspberries and decadent dark chocolate. Rich and full bodied, with a warming feel due to its higher strength. It has a racy zing of bright raspberry and a finish of dark bitter-sweet chocolate finishing with hints of coffee. Excellent when young, this wine will age gorgeously—if you can keep it that long!
Colour: Red | Sweetness: Sweet | Body: Full | Oak: Medium | ABV: 17.5%

Cabernet Franc Icewine: This Cabernet Franc Icewine boasts delicious notes of concentrated, strawberry, cranberry, and rose petal. It is considered sweet and medium-full bodied. The sweetness is perfectly balanced by a refreshing crisp acidity. 
Colour: Rosé | Sweetness: Sweet | Body: Medium-Full | Oak: None| ABV: 13%


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