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Raspberry Chocolate Deposit

Raspberry Chocolate Deposit

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$5 deposit is required to reserveBUT you will receive $5 off your kit! Available early September.  Just in time for Christmas! IN STORE PICKUP ONLY.

Price: $99.99 each ($94.99 due at pick up).

Yield: 11.5 L (15 X 750ml Bottles) 2 kits make a regular full-sized batch | Completed: 6 weeks 

Raspberry Chocolate Dessert Wine: Hugely popular year after year, this wine is full of intense flavours and aromas fresh raspberries and decadent dark chocolate. Rich and full bodied, with a warming feel due to its higher strength. It has a racy zing of bright raspberry and a finish of dark bitter-sweet chocolate finishing with hints of coffee. Excellent when young, this wine will age gorgeously—if you can keep it that long!

Colour: Red | Sweetness: Sweet | Body: Full | Oak: Medium | ABV: 17.5%


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