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Winexpert Classic 4-Week Californian Viognier Wine Kit

  • 9999

New & Improved Winexpert

Fresher, more vibrant, and above all–better tasting wines!

Intense and fruity white yet surprisingly dry with an aromatic finish. A delicate yellow colour, with aromas reminiscent of peach, apricot and spice.

Food Pairings: Pork, Turkey, Ham, Salmon, Fish Cakes.

Type: White | Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak: None | ABV: 12%

Yield: 23 Litres (30 bottles) | Completed: 4 weeks

Years of experience combined with brand new technology has culminated in Winexpert Classic, the pinnacle of quality in a 4 week wine kit.

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