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Beer & Cider Starter Kit (Equipment Only)

Beer & Cider Starter Kit (Equipment Only)

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Brewing your own craft beer or cider at home is a rewarding and exciting hobby. Of course there is money to be saved by brewing your own, but it's really about the satisfaction of serving up a delicious craft beer that you made yourself.

      Complete Starter equipment package:

  • Primary fermenter & lid
  • 23 L Plastic WIDE MOUTH CARBOY (Easy to clean. Safer and lighter than glass)
  • Siphon hose, pinch clamp & bottle filler
  • Auto Siphon
  • Auto Siphon holder clip
  • Hydrometer
  • Spoon
  • Airlock & #10 Stopper
  • Stick-on thermometer
  • PBW - 1 lb
  • Star San - 16oz
Over $160 value!

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