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Beer Recipe Kit - London Porter All Grain

Beer Recipe Kit - London Porter All Grain

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Due to seasonal availability, hops and grains may be substituted if necessary.

If whole or crushed option is not defined, it will be defaulted to crushed.

This beer is dark (almost black) but not as roasted as a stout. Some subtle chocolate notes and relatively low bitterness make this a flavourful session beer.

23L (6 Gallon) OG 1.052 | FG 1.015 | ABV 5% | 22 IBU | 29 SRM
19L (5 Gallon) OG 1.051 | FG 1.014 | ABV 4.9% | 26 IBU | 28 SRM
OG based on 80% efficiency.
All values are approximate.

Our Beer Kit Recipes include all the ingredients necessary to make your own batch of handcrafted beer. Available in 23 L (6 gallon) or 19 L (5 gallon) batch sizes. 

Grainfather Recipes

*It should be noted that some advanced equipment and knowledge is necessary to produce this beer kit. 

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