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Beer Recipe Kit - American Pale Ale All Grain

Beer Recipe Kit - American Pale Ale All Grain

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American Pale Ale is known for its golden colour. Citrus and floral aromas are distinctly North American. Serve cold.

 OG 1.051/53 | FG 1.011/13 | ABV 5.1% | 40 IBU | 5 SRM
OG based on 75% brewhouse efficiency.
All values are approximate.

Our Beer Kit Recipes include all the ingredients necessary to make your own batch of handcrafted beer. Available in 23 L (6 gallon) or 19 L (5 gallon) batch sizes. 

What You'll Get: 
  • Bag of milled grains
  • 1-3 packages of hops (depending on the recipe)
  • Pack of yeast
  • Corn sugar for carbonating in bottles
  • Recipe with mash temperature, hop schedule and target gravities
Grainfather Recipes

    *It should be noted that some advanced equipment and knowledge is necessary to produce this beer kit.