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BrewHQ Express

Now inside every Noble Grape location!

BrewHQ Express is an extension of the BrewHQ Warehouse store in Dartmouth NS. 

Why BrewHQ Express? We put a BrewHQ Express inside every Noble Grape location with the goals of ensuring that customers always get the best technical brewing advice and to create a consistent shopping experience with standardized minimum inventory expectations for all of our brewing customers. 

Technical advice: At all BrewHQ Express outlets you can have your brewing questions instantly answered by experts at BrewHQ Warehouse via Google Nest.


Inventory philosophy: While the BrewHQ Warehouse store in Dartmouth strives to carry everything the brewer could possibly want; the BrewHQ Express Inside every Noble Grape aims to cover ALL basic grain brewing needs. 

List: While some Noble Grape locations will offer even more options, the following is the minimum list of brewing ingredients and equipment you can expect to find at every Noble Grape/BrewHQ Express location:

Suggestions? If there are ingredients or any items you feel are important or may have missed, please contact us so we can give it consideration.

Special orders? Remember ALL items carried at the BrewHQ Warehouse outlet can be special ordered to the Noble Grape of your choice by emailing us (please allow 3-13 days depending on delivery cycle).

For BrewHQ's complete product range visit or drop by the BrewHQ warehouse store at 80 Thornhill Dr. (OPENING SOON!)




80 Thornhill Drive

Burnside, NS