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NEW! Venus Wine Trap

Relax and enjoy your wine

Tired of fruit flies ruining your wine? Always covering your glass with a napkin or coaster? The Venus Wine Trap is for you! Now you'll be able to relax in between sips instead of swatting at insects and guarding your glass!


The Venus Wine Trap not only protects your wine, but it also allows it to breathe. The colourful rims can also be used to mark your glass like a wine charm. These versatile covers also double as a coaster! PLUS fruit flies, other insects and/or debris cannot fall into your glass!


Great for picnics, the patio, camping, cottages, and more! Venus Wine Trap glass covers are useful and fun! They are made with high-grade silicone. They are dishwasher safe, food safe, and best of all - THEY WORK! 

Only $19.99 (Set of 4)!



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