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Make Wine Here!

Noble Grape offers on-site winemaking in:

Fredericton, Main St. Dartmouth, Oxford St. Halifax, Coldbrook, Kingston, Lower Sackville, Burnside Park, Cole Harbour, and Bayers Lake!

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Making your Wine

Step 1: Choose your wine
Step 2: Add the yeast
Step 3: Make a bottling appointment 


Bottling Your Wine

Step 1: Wash your bottles
Step 2: Fill your bottles
Step 3: Cork your wine
Step 4: Seal your shrink caps
Step 5: A
dd your labels


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No risk winemaking! 100% guaranteed.

At Noble Grape, we are so confident that you will love your wine that we offer a 100% wine guarantee. Essentially, we guarantee that you will love your wine or we will replace it!



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