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Island Mist Dry

Island Mist Dry


Everyone has different tastes, and occasionally customers tell us that while they 'love the fruit and berry flavours' of Island Mist, they wish it was 'a little less sweet'.

Well we’ve been working on this request in our wineries and we have developed a process to make it more dry. This new process can be used with any Island Mist wine made on-site. You will still get a hint of sweetness to balance the acidity, but it will taste noticeably drier. 

So if you love all of the fresh fruit flavours of Island Mist, but wish it had a little less sweetness, just remember to ask for your next "Island Mist Dry". It's that easy!

Note: There is no extra charge for us to make your Island Mist Dry. Our process will also increase the alcohol content slightly but will not be noticeable.