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The Winexpert Revolution!

Meet the new Winexpert!

New & Improved Winexpert

Who is Winexpert?

Winexpert is the company that manufacturers your favourite wine kits like Vintners Reserve, Selection, World Vineyard and Eclipse. They are a subsidiary of Andrew Peller Limited: Canada's largest commercial wine producer. 

Improved Formulations

  • Winexpert recently completed their new multi-million dollar processing facility in Niagara with new technologies adapted from their parent company, Andrew Peller.
  • The new kits now require significantly less heat treatment during manufacturing.
  • You will see noticeable improvements to the flavour and aromas of your wines!
  • The slightly reduced kit sizes are easier to handle, better for the environment and make better wine!

If you liked:

Chai Maison or California Connoisseur try On the House
World Vineyard 
try Winexpert Classic 
Vintners Reserve 
or Cheeky Monkey try Winexpert Classic or Wild Grapes
try Winexpert Reserve
Eclipse  - Winexpert Private Reserve

The names Island Mist and Niagara Mist will remain unchanged.

Reviews are in and they have been extremely positive. Both staff and customers alike have been almost unanimously impressed with the noticeable quality improvements!

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
Remember there is NO RISK with our 100% guarantee. You will love your wine or your money back. Applies to both wines made ON-SITE and AT-HOME! 

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