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Bag-N-Box Your Wine!

It's so easy!

Bag-N-Box Your Wine

Do you make wine on-site?

We now offer a Bag-in-A-Box On-site Package! See all On-Site Packages >

Eliminates bottles! 
No more lugging, cleaning, and corking! Each bag holds the equivalent of 6 x 750 ml bottles. Cardboard wine boxes or the new Wine Poke make the perfect dispensers for your wine.

It’s so easy! Sanitized & ready to fill, wine bags are super easy and quick to fill on-site or at home. A huge time saver! PLUS no more washing & storing bottles.

Stays fresh! As wine is poured, the bag collapses preventing air from entering. Perfect for wines you typically drink within a year. Store wine in a cool, dark place.

No space? No problem. Bagging your wine is the perfect solution for small space living. Just 5 bags holds your whole batch of wine (equal to about 30 bottles).

Do you make wine at home? 

Wine Bags & Dispensers

4.5 L Wine Bags
5 bags holds a whole batch. Bags come sanitized and ready to fill. Each bag holds the equivalent of 6 x 750 ml bottles. Your wine stays fresh for at least a year! Fits perfectly in the Wine Poke.






Wine PokeNEW! Wine Poke $39.99
Now in stock at all locations! The new Wine Poke is a fun and stylish way to dispense bagged wines. Gives store bought wines a casual but stylish look as well. Who says boxed wine can’t be cool?

Great portability and fits in the fridge. Easy to use, easy to carry!




Cardboard Wine Dispenser Box $2.39

This reusable cardboard wine dispensing box holds our 4.5L bags perfectly. Bagging your wine just got easier!





 Deluxe Wine Dispenser $49.99 
This attractive new dispenser is designed to replace the cardboard boxes, making your wine super easy to pour, and it will look great in your kitchen. Also fits conveniently in a fridge without getting soggy and coming apart like cardboard boxes can.







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