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Winexpert Classic - Californian Pink Moscato Wine Kit

Winexpert Classic - Californian Pink Moscato Wine Kit

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Year after year this extremely popular wine sells out very quickly.

Winexpert Classic Pink Moscato

Winexpert Classic Pink Moscato from California is light and refreshing on the palate with flavours of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and cherry.

This quick maturing wine has just the right amount of sweetness and pairs great with fruit kabobs, spicy dishes, Chinese take-out, and sweet desserts! It is also a great patio wine for sipping ice cold all on its own.

Give some sparkle by serving it on ice with a splash of fizzy water for a refreshing summer drink.

Try Googling ‘Pink Moscato Cocktails’ to get an idea of the endless possibilities this fabulous simmer wine can provide.

This wine sells out very quickly! Now available at all Noble Grape stores, our Pink Moscato is a quick maturing, 4-week wine that tastes great soon after bottling.

Type: Blush/Rosé | Sweetness: Medium | Body: Light | Oak Intensity: None

Makes 30 bottles | $99.99

Never made wine before? See how easy it is to get started!

Years of experience combined with brand new technology has culminated in Winexpert Classic, the pinnacle of quality in a 4 week wine kit.

So easy to make in the UWinemaker! Or we can make it ON-SITE at Noble Grape for you (for an additional fee)

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