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Winexpert Private Reserve - Bruno Italian Brunello Wine Kit

Winexpert Private Reserve - Bruno Italian Brunello Wine Kit

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Winexpert Private ReserveFresher, more vibrant, and above all–better tasting wines!

Brunello is one of the world's most revered red wines and this Italian superstar is worthy of the fanfare.

BRUNO boasts bold cherry, plum and wild berry flavours layered with notes of dried herb, vanilla, tobacco and spice. Firm velvety tannin, well-balanced acidity and a long luscious finish.

Food pairing: Pairs with strong foods such as a bone-on Tuscan-style steak with fresh herbs, veal parmigiana, rich meaty pasta sauces, earthy mushroom risotto, or strong cheeses

Body: Full | Sweetness level: Dry | ABV: 14% | Oak: Heavy 
$169.99 | Yield: 30 bottles | Labels: Included | Completed: 6-8 weeks
(While Odyssey will taste delicious on bottling day, it also has great aging potential)

There was only 1 production run of Winexpert Private Reserve "Bruno" Brunello, so it is only available for a short time. 

Simply the very best wine you can make! Winexpert Private Reserve 6-8 week wines are rich, vibrant, and extraordinary.