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Vintners Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Wine Kit

Vintners Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Wine Kit

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Sauvignon Blanc is one of the original 6 “noble grapes”.

This is a flavourful dry white wine, with a fresh fruity character, and a crisp, clean finish. A versatile wine which handles a wide range of herbs, spices and flavourings.

Crisp, dry, fruity & grassy; this very refreshing wine is a fabulous match with food, as its full, fresh flavours and wonderfully balanced acidity make it essential with chicken, fish and grilled vegetables. Also try it with seafood… especially raw oysters. We have to admit, this can also be a great dry white to sip all on its own too.

Type: White | Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak Intensity: None



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