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Selection Chilean Pinot Noir Wine Kit

Selection Chilean Pinot Noir Wine Kit

  • 11999

Pinot Noir is one of the original 6 Noble Grapes. Often considered the “Queen” of the red grapes; we like to call her the “Diva”. (She is the  delicate and ‘thin skinned’ grape. Grape growers will tell you she needs to be handled with care).

Selection International Series Chilean Pinot Noir is a bright ruby colour with delicate aromas of red berry. Light to medium bodied and supple with fruit and a hint of cherry, the mouth feel is very elegant with soft tannins, velvet texture and a subtle oak finish.

 Food Pairings: Salmon, Turkey, Duck, Solf Cheeses.

Type: Red | Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak: Medium

Yield: 23 Litres (30 bottles) | Completed: 6 weeks



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