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Best Case Rory's Irish Red All Grain - Noble Grape

Best Case Rory's Irish Red All Grain

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Designed for use with the Grainfather and traditional all-grain brewing systems.

Best Case All-Grain kits are tried and true recipes developed over many years.

 Our Rorys Red contains Canadian 2-row and specialty malts (crushed), UK hops, and yeast - Ready to mash in and make delicious beer ever time! Temperature and time guidelines are also included.

Ireland’s second most famous beer style (sometimes called ‘Amber’), has become increasingly popular with North American Micro’s. This flavourful, well balanced ale, is a great starting place for those uninitiated with the wonderful Ales of the U.K.

O.G. 1.045-49 | F.G. 1.008-11 | ABV 5.2% | IBU 25

(OG Based On 75% Brewhouse Efficiency)

Makes 23 Litres!

*Estimated alcohol contents for Best Case beer assume you are adding the priming sugar at bottling (which contributes approximately 0.3% alc./vol.)