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Winexpert Private Reserve - Australian Odyssey Shiraz Wine Kit

Winexpert Private Reserve - Australian Odyssey Shiraz Wine Kit

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New & Improved WinexpertFresher, more vibrant, and above all–better tasting wines!

A masterful blend of iconic Australian Shiraz from two renowned regions, enhanced with three types of wood to deliver one epic wine.

Odyssey is a classic wine with an epic journey. Riverland Shiraz is pre-oaked with French oak for a subtle infusion of vanilla, maple, and sweet spice. Barossa Shiraz is blended in to amplify ripe black fruit, dark chocolate, and licorice flavours. A mix of American and French oak during fermentation further refines notes of spice and vanilla and lends silky tannin.  Last but not least, Hungarian Acacia enhances texture and body. The three different types of wood are expertly managed to  accent the varietal’s ripe dark fruit flavours, enriching the wine, not overpowering it.

Rich, full-bodied with luscious blackberry and plum layered with chocolate, vanilla and sweet spice, culminating in a warm lengthy finish

Private Reserve wines are powerful wines of intense flavour and structure and we believe that you cannot make a better wine at home or ‘ON-SITE’ anywhere.

The addition of ‘easy-to-use’ crushed grapes enhances the tannin and complexity of this delicious, true to style, red.

Food pairing: Smoked Cheeses, Barbequed Red Meats, Pizza

Body: Full | Sweetness level: Dry | ABV: 14% | Oak: Heavy 
$159.99 | Yield: 30 bottles | Labels: Included | Completed: 6-8 weeks
(While Odyssey will taste delicious on bottling day, it also has great aging potential)

There was only 1 production run of Winexpert Private Reserve Odyssey Shiraz, so it is only available for a short time. 

Simply the very best wine you can make! Winexpert Private Reserve 6-8 week wines are rich, vibrant, and extraordinary.