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Immersion Pro & Regular Brew Jacket

  • 42999

Immersion Pro for Carboys and Buckets can heat or cool your fermenting beer, wine, or mead by 35°F (15°C) above or below your ambient temperature, and maintain the set temperature to 0.3° F, a level of control only found in commercial breweries, wineries, and meaderies.

• Immersion Pro head unit
• Heat transfer rod
• Jacket that fits carboys and buckets
• Power supply (100v-240v, 50/60hz)
• Temperature probe
• #10 Stopper, drilled for Immersion
• Blowoff Kit: (3' of 3/8" ID tubing, 3/8" 90º connector, one-way air release valve, 3/8" ID sleeved grommet)



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