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Selection Argentine Malbec Wine Kit with Grape Skins

Selection Argentine Malbec Wine Kit with Grape Skins

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Selection Argentine Malbec with grape skins is a medium/full-bodied, dry red wine with firm acidity, rich tannins and generous alcohol levels.

Dark purple colour and ripe fruit flavours of plums, black cherry and blackberry give an almost jammy character on the palate. Smoke, earth, leather and pepper along with intriguingly spicy notes make for an interesting medley of aromas and flavours, adding to layers of complexity.

The addition of super easy to use crushed grapes and skins gives this Selection kit a rich depth of character. Don’t forget they come with a disposable bag and are very easy to use.

Food Pairings: Red Meats, Spicy Cuisine, Barbecue, Meat Based Dishes

Type: Red | Sweetness: 0 | Body: Medium-Full | Oak: Medium

Yield: 23 Litres (30 bottles) | Completed: 8 weeks



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