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Beer Recipe Kit - Russian Imperial Stout Partial Mash

Beer Recipe Kit - Russian Imperial Stout Partial Mash

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Due to seasonal availability, hops and grains may be substituted if necessary.

If whole or crushed option is not defined, it will be defaulted to crushed.

This ale was originally brewed by a London brewery as a gift to the Russian Czar. Its high alcohol content let it survive the journey and its rich malt character warmed on cold nights.

23L (6 Gallon) OG 1.085 | FG 1.018 | ABV 8.9% | 28 IBU | 38 SRM
19L (5 Gallon) OG 1.088 | FG 1.018 | ABV 9.2% | 31 IBU | 35 SRM

Our Beer Recipe Kits include all the ingredients necessary to make your own batch of handcrafted beer. Following the easy instructions, you will feel like a pro in no time.

What You'll Get: 

  • Bag of milled grains
  • Grain sock for steeping grains 
  • Malt extract
  • Hops
  • Pack of yeast
  • Corn sugar for carbonating in bottles
  • Instructions

What You'll Need:

  • Large pot (minimum 12 litre capacity) 
  • Water 
  • Love of beer

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