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Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine & Peach Icewine Style

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Every year we bring in limited quantities of delicious dessert wines to make and enjoy in time for Christmas. They must be reserved in advance. We will call you as soon as they arrive in late August.


Peach Icewine Style

$89.99 | Includes labels | Makes 11.5 L (2 kits makes a regular sized batch)

Owners Mark and Steve's favourite specialty dessert wine ever! 

Last available in 2011, we are ecstatic to finally have it back! Peach Icewine Style is luscious and intensely flavoured, boasting rich aromas and notes of succulent peach with light honeyed undertones. This golden nectar should be chilled and sipped slowly to cherish its special charms.

All icewine style wines are on the sweeter side, but a firm backbone of acidity makes them perfectly balanced and truly a treat to enjoy on any occasion.

Pairings: Enjoy it with dessert—or make it the dessert! It also compliments spicy dishes and rich, strongly flavoured cheeses. You can also add a splash to sparkling wine or cocktails to add a new dimension.

Type: Dessert Wine | Sweetness: Sweet | Body: Medium-Full | Oak Intensity: None | 13% alc./vol.


Raspberry Chocolate Dessert Wine

$89.99 | Includes labels | Makes 11.5 L (2 kits makes a regular sized batch)

Gold Medal Winner every year since 2007 Winemaker Magazine Competition 

Hugely popular year after year, this wine is full of intense flavours and aromas. It has traditional port characteristics of warm rounded cherries and plums, supported by a racy zing of bright raspberry and a finish of dark bitter-sweet chocolate and hints of coffee. Excellent when young, this wine will age gorgeously—if you can keep it that long!

Type: Dessert Wine | Sweetness: Sweet | Body: Full | Oak Intensity: Medium | 17.5% alc./vol.


Make On-site All wine kits can be made ON-SITE for an additional fee.

<strong><span style="color: #b0005c;">Special Offer <br /></span></strong>Make 2 of the same kit on-site and pay only 1 winery fee for the double batch! Each kit makes 11.5 L (2 kits makes a regular size batch).

Making at home? You need an 11.5 L carboy or make 2 kits in a regular sized carboy.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee There is NO RISK with our 100% guarantee. Love your wine or your money back.




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