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Passion Rosé

Passion Rose Now Available!

To help us celebrate our 30th Anniversary as a local, family-run business we wanted to offer you something very special at a very special price. Owners, Steve and Mark Haynes, have worked directly with Winexpert for over a year on the formulation of a delicious, special edition Winexpert Reserve wine, Passion Rosé. This wine truly reflects our passion for winemaking!

About Passion RoséFor this milestone occasion we have designed an 'off-dry' and crisp light-bodied rosé. It has beautiful light pink hues and an easy, refreshing taste that is drier than White Zinfandel or Pink Moscato. Expect hints of strawberries and raspberries with just a subtle splash of sweetness. This will balance the acidity but still allow for a refreshing, crisp finish. It is quick to mature for you to enjoy right away, and will also keep well until next summer. This rosé is particularly enjoyable chilled on a hot summer afternoon.

Food Pairings: Rosé goes with just about everything! Ideal for spicy Asian dishes, lighter fare such as salads or shellfish, and perfect all on its own.

Type: Rosé | Sweetness: 1 (off-dry) | Body: Light | Oak: None | 12% alc/vol

 Includes labels and shrink caps | Makes 30 bottles | 4 Week Wine Kit


Our off-dry, light-bodied 30th Anniversary Rosé is perfect for summer sipping!

A unique and delicious rose, only available at Noble Grape, with subtle hints of strawberries and raspberries, a refreshing, crisp finish and just a touch of sweetness.

Why a Rosé?We have been so impressed with how complex and versatile modern rosé wines have become that it seemed the natural choice for our anniversary release. Summer is the ideal time to enjoy a glass, and rosé really does go with everything. Whether you are sipping it ice cold on the patio, sharing it with family and friends, or celebrating a special occasion, our Passion Rosé is the perfect choice. 

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