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Mangrove Jack's Hard Seltzers

Mangrove Jack's Hard Seltzers


All Seltzer kits are Gluten-Free!

Here at Noble Grape, we've barely been able to contain ourselves since we learned about the development of these new kits over a year ago, but we were sworn to secrecy! Well the day has come and we can announce that they have finally arrived!

Hard Seltzers are clear, light, refreshing, carbonated summer drinks with a splash of fresh fruit. They are the fastest growing new category commercially and we've heard that they are now actually outselling craft beer at the NSLC.

They are so popular that many local craft breweries, (like our friends at Good Robot and North Brewing) have started producing their own excellent versions. Blue Lobster seems to be the best known of the local Hard Seltzers, while the biggest US brand, White Claw Hard Seltzer sells for $34.99 (for a 12 pack)

Now you can make your own Hard Seltzer kits AT-HOMEWhen we made our test batches, we got 57 bottles (beer bottle size) and we were super impressed with the taste. Plus our staff all agreed they're delicious!

Simply ferment, add the flavour and syphon into pressure safe bottles. In 4-5 weeks (total) you can kick back with the perfect carbonated summer drink!

(If you have a keg system that force carbonates, it can be ready to drink in as little as 2 weeks)

You can ALSO make it on-site!
Winery Fee $39.99


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Approx. 3.5g carbohydrate/litre (1.19g per 341 ml beer bottle)

Calories: 280/L (95 per 341ml beer bottle)

(These numbers are based on finished product that has been bottled with sugar for conditioning).

Mangrove Jack's Hard Seltzers Infographic

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500ml Seltzer Bottles

While any pressure safe bottle will do (beer bottles, pop bottles, sparkling wine bottles), we thought these stylish 500 ml clear glass bottles would be the prefect fit for our seltzer kits.

Remember, if you re-use them, you only need to buy them once. A full batch would require 39 bottles.

Bottles - 500ml Clear Pressure Safe | $17.99/doz (or $1.50 each)


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Make On-site 
All wine kits can be made ON-SITE for an additional fee. There is NO RISK with our 100% guarantee. Love your wine or your money back. Guarantee includes both MAKE-AT-HOME and ON-SITE wines.