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Hop Rhizomes are here!


What's more rewarding than brewing your own beer? Brewing your own beer with your own hops! Plant them once and these perennial vines will grow back every year.

Available now at our Burnside store, or special order to any Noble Grape store.

Or order online and choose free in store pick up or $5.00 flat rate for home delivery.

This year we have 10 varieties of hop rhizomes to choose from: 

SOLD OUT! Fuggles 
SOLD OUT! Sterling
SOLD OUT! Mt. Hood 
SOLD OUT! East Kent Goldings
SOLD OUT! Brewers Gold 
SOLD OUT! Willamette
SOLD OUT! Magnum
SOLD OUT! Cascade
SOLD OUT! Centennial

Keep refrigerated (do not freeze) until the ground is soft enough to plant.

Don't know what to pick? Not much for green thumbing? Cascade hops are able to thrive in cooler climates and don't require much attention. 

Plus, we have you covered with some fool-proof hop growing tips!




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