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Raspberry Chocolate Port

Raspberry Chocolate Port

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We are once again taking reservations for Raspberry Chocolate Port! This delicious treat can be made and enjoyed in time for Christmas.

Reserve yours below, drop by or call in your reservation to one of our stores

We will call you as soon as they arrive. They must be reserved in advance.

Deadline to reserve: September 29
Due to arrive: Early October

Raspberries and chocolate, expertly and harmoniously blended with the rich, classic flavours and aromas of Port, is an experience not to be missed.

Originally released in 2007, multiple GOLD medal winning Raspberry Chocolate Port has been hugely popular with customers who want a sinfully delicious treat to serve after dinner on a cold winter's night. (Or anytime the mood strikes!)

It has the rich flavours that you would associate with a traditional port but uniquely has been infused with some bright raspberry and also has a deep finish of dark chocolate that lingers on the palate. It has the warming qualities associated with higher alcohol which creates the perfect balance. 

Amazing when young, this wine will age gorgeously—if you can keep it that long!

Body: Full | Oak Intensity: Medium | 17.5% alc/vol | Includes labels | Makes 11.5 L

Each kit is $99.99 and makes 11.5 litres (If you would like 23 litres you’ll need 2 kits).

You can make these wines ON-SITE for an additional fee of $49.99.

Special: If you make 2 of the same kit, you will still only pay 1 winery fee for the double batch.

(If you make these specialty kits at-home, you need an 11.5 litre carboy or you can make 2 kits in a regular sized carboy.) 

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Make On-site

All wine kits can be made ON-SITE for an additional fee.

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Thank you for your understanding and your continued support.