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Barrel Booster

Oakie Dokie Barrel BoosterAre you looking for more complexity in your red wines?

Do you crave a little more ‘tannic structure’? A little more ‘backbone’? A little more ‘oomph’? Would you like them to taste more like high end commercial  examples?

Introducing 2 new products to help you achieve this: 

Oakie Dokie Barrel Booster Classic
Oakie Dokie Barrel Booster Bold

This new wine ‘Booster’ is designed specifically for those who love the complexity, dryness and lingering finish of commercial red wines that have been aged in oak barrels. Available in ‘Classic’ and ‘Bold’.

How have we achieved this?

With lots of research and trials with countless combinations of various oak chips and wine styles.

The result is the Noble Grape proprietary product: Oakie Dokie!

It uses a combination of both French and American premium large oak chips, that have been strained to remove particles and 3 toasting levels. (Different levels of toasting all contribute different flavour characteristics to the final profile.)

It is also specifically designed to be added at the start of primary fermentation making it easier to use PLUS you can still add the wine that comes with your kit.

We guarantee you a noticeable difference if higher end commercial comparisons is your goal.

Oakie Dokie goes great in Chardonnay as well. Amazing actually!

Ask our staff. We made sure they got to try the results before we announced it. The feedback was unanimously positive.