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Apres Limited Release Dessert Wines

Apres Dessert Wines 2021

Raspberry Chocolate Port will be BACK this fall and NEW Chocolate Mocha Port!

Our specialty ports are a rare and special treat for the cool nights ahead. Can be made and enjoyed in time for Christmas.

We are taking reservations which will guarantee you get one.

Reserve online or you can call your nearest store or just drop by. We will let you know as soon as they arrive. 

Deadline to reserve: September 15
Due to arrive: Mid - Late September

Raspberry Chocolate Port: Raspberries and chocolate expertly & harmoniously blended with the rich warming flavours of Port (which has higher alcohol). It's an experience not to be missed.

Chocolate Mocha Port: A rich, warm and smooth Port with chocolate and dark roast coffee flavours, with very reserved and soft oak level adding hints of natural vanilla.

Both are delicious when young but will age gorgeously. (Good luck trying to keep it that long!)


Each kit is $99.99 and makes 11.5 litres (or make 23 litres with 2 kits). You can make these wines ON-SITE for an additional fee of $49.99. (ON-SITE SPECIALIf you make 2 kits at once, you will still only pay 1 winery fee)

And don't forget there is NO RISK with our 100% guarantee. Whether you make it AT-HOME or ON-SITE, you will love your wine or your money back.

(If you make these specialty kits at-home, you need an 11.5 litre carboy or you can make 2 kits in a regular sized carboy.)