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Eclipse Washington Columbia Valley Riesling Wine Kit - Noble Grape

Eclipse Washington Columbia Valley Riesling Wine Kit

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Riesling is one of the original 6 classic ‘Noble Grape’ varieties.

Yumm Riesling. Possibly the world’s most misunderstood grape. Eclipse wines are powerful wines of intense flavour and structure. The Columbia Valley produces many prestigious wines from their world class Riesling grapes. Delicate yet complex, Rieslings grown here offer pronounced ripeness while retaining acidity, showing fantastic floral aromas and flavours of peach and apricot, while still maintaining a crisp freshness. This vivid fruitiness is enhanced by Winexpert’s unique suss-reserve finishing pack, making this Riesling a unique and proud addition to our Eclipse line.

Remember, this wine is a ‘medium’ with just enough sweetness to balance the beautiful crispness of the Riesling grape.

Food pairing: Seafood, Grilled Chicken, Turkey Dinner

Type: White | Sweetness: Off-Dry | Body: Medium | Oak: None

Yield: 23 Litres (30 bottles) | Completed: 8 weeks 



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